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I have read and agreed to akubela Privacy Policy.

I have read and agreed to akubela Privacy Policy.

With an 8” screen and top-tier performance, HyPanel Pro can serve as your smart home’s command center, supporting device group control and management with one tap.

Combining intercoms, home automation, ZigBee gateways, home security, temperature and humidity sensors, and wall switches into one, HyPanel Pro keeps almost everything at home under control, simplifying people’s home living.

Make Legacy Devices Smart

The Pro extends the smart home sphere beyond smart devices. Traditional home appliances can also be controlled by the panel thanks to its built-in infrared control capability, making them part of the smart home ecosystems.

A Stylish and Upscale Addition to Modern Homes

The 8-inch glossy touch screen together with an ultra-thin bezel delivers a visually stunning display when the screen comes to life. The sleek all-metal body and the decorative metal strip make the Pro’s aesthetics stand out.

Safeguard Your Data and Privacy

HyPanel Pro supports operation via the local network and its built-in 5MP camera comes equipped with a privacy shutter. In so doing, you can enjoy smart home functionality while protecting your data and privacy within the house.

Expanded Capabilities with Modular Design

akubela's modular design approach separates home control panels' covers and their base modules. Thanks to it, the Pro can work with various functional flush-mounted modules and is compatible with electrical boxes of different countries.

Energy Management for a Green Living

Thanks to a built-in power meter and a temperature and humidity sensor, the Pro keeps an eye on your home’s energy usage and make adjustments to reduce your environmental impact.

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I have read and agreed to akubela Privacy Policy.