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I have read and agreed to akubela Privacy Policy.

SmartPanel Pro

The SmartPanel Pro is a 10” Zigbee security control panel featuring a built-in HD camera, home automation capability, and two-way communication.

SmartPanel at a Glance

Smart Security, Worry-free Home

Connecting wired or wireless alarm sensors, video monitoring of what’s going on in your home, and a specially-designed security UI, the SmartPanel Pro provides you with the peace of mind you can expect for your home

Intercom Designed to Connect Your Whole Family

Communication is at the heart of family life. Via the panel, you can announce to the kids in their rooms that dinners are ready, video chat with your parents in their own homes, and check on the sleeping baby. It helps bring your family together.

Your Home, Your Rules

You have control over your entire home in one place. Powered by Zigbee 3.0, the SmartPanel Pro keeps you connected to a large ecosystem of smart IoT devices and lets you create scenes that fit your day-to-day routines.

Future-proofing Your Home Just Gets Easier

The open architecture of Android 9.0 OS makes the integration with 3rd-party systems easy, whether it is smart home or building automation systems. A scalable home is a future-proof one.

Powered by Android 9.0

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